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Root Canals

If you just moved to Tampa or New Tampa or have lived here a long time and suddenly experience a dental emergency, it is a good thing that you found the dentist, Dental Associates of Florida. Dental Associates of Florida has a lot of experience with root canals.

A root canal is a procedure to save a badly decayed tooth, an infected tooth, or a tooth that has been injured.  Just like tree roots, teeth have roots that connect them to the jawbone. There is a nerve inside the root that responds to temperature. Teeth with infections that need root canals ache in a different way than a regular toothache. Some people describe it as a very deep “bone” ache. The tooth that is infected significantly hurts when chewing, because that puts pressure on the root. These teeth also hurt from cold or hot temperatures in the mouth. One of the biggest signs that you need a root canal is that the gums near the tooth become very swollen in combination with this pain.

Dental Associates of Florida recommends why you should have root canals performed by a family dentist near you:

  • Stop the pain
  • Save the tooth
  • Eliminate infection
  • Avoid unnecessary procedures
  • Limit the number of complications associated with your teeth

Many times a root canal can be accomplished with just one visit to the dentist. Sometimes, it may need 2 or more dental visits, depending on the severity of the infection. Please seek treatment early if you suspect you have this problem.

Set up an appointment for your root canals today. Proudly serving Tampa, New Tampa, Plant City and surrounding cities, contact us to discuss any concerns you might have concerning an upcoming procedure.