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Teeth Cleaning in Bloomingdale, Riverview, Haines City & Nearby Regions

Teeth CleaningOur team of dentists at Dental Associates of Florida have over 50 years combined dental experience, and are the leading experts in teeth cleaning. They know that a professional cleaning at least once a year will keep teeth looking good and help to prevent more serious issues like tooth extractions, cavities and crowns. While your teeth get a touch up, our dentists may also talk to you about considering professional teeth whitening.

Why do teeth need professional teeth cleaning?

  • Over time, all teeth build up a layer of plaque (a sticky, bacteria-rich substance).
  • Hard deposits, called tartar, also build up and cannot be removed without special tools.
  • Acids created by some bacteria can cause gum disease and tooth decay if not removed.
  • Even the most diligent of patients can miss hard-to-reach places in their mouths, causing periodontal disease to develop.
  • Annual cleanings can stop the progression of gingivitis.
  • Everyone deserves a healthier looking smile – If cleaning your teeth is not enough, ask us about Invisalign or professional teeth whitening with you.
  • Sometimes, halitosis (bad breath) indicates that you have a disease caused by a combination of rotted food particles (located below the gum line) and gangrene resulting from a gum infection.

Most people feel fine during a cleaning. However, a few patients might experience some slight bleeding and discomfort, if they have irritated gums because of bacterial buildup. In these cases, our Dental Associates of Florida staff may apply a light anesthetic or topical numbing gel to your gums to help ease your experience.

Dental Associates of Florida offers teeth cleaning or teeth whitening to adults and teenagers in the Bloomingdale, Riverview, Haines City and nearby regions. If anyone in your family requires a teeth cleaning, contact us, and we’ll set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our dentists and staff all provide gentle care, and they will be more than happy to start you on the path to cleaner, healthier teeth.