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Teeth Cleaning Inverness

A visit to a cosmetic dentist at the Dental Associates of Florida for regular teeth cleaning, once every six months, is the recommendation for achieving the best oral health. Not only will you have a nicer smile, and whiter teeth, you will enjoy fresh breath and have less chance of developing gum disease.

The additional benefits of teeth cleaning include reducing cavities and early detection of oral cancer by having a comprehensive oral exam. The cosmetic dentist will give you recommendations about restorative dental work and options to consider for a beautiful smile. The cosmetic dentist is able to remove stains that come from drinking wine, coffee, tea, or tobacco use. Moreover, a good teeth cleaning prepares the surface of the teeth for the application of veneers to fix any problem of discoloration, such as the splotches or white spots some people get on their teeth from taking antibiotics.

WebMD and Huffington Post both reported on the results of a study done in Taiwan of over 100,000 people that had their health tracked for seven years. None of the study participants had a heart attack or stroke when the study began. Half of the study participants had regular teeth cleaning and the other half did not. The lowest risk group for heart attack and stroke had a regular teeth cleaning from a cosmetic dentist once per year. Good oral health reduced the risk of disease, in other parts of the body, including:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • diabetes and blood sugar levels
  • heart disease in the group with teeth cleaning reduced 24%
  • stroke risk reduced 14%
  • lung disease
  • cancer

Contact us today at Dental Associates of Florida, to make an appointment with the cosmetic dentist for a full checkup and a teeth cleaning. Our locations for teeth cleaning include Bartow, Brandon, Brooksville, Inverness, Lakeland, Plant City, Sun City, Tampa, and Winter Haven.