teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning From Gentle Dentists For Patients In Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, Bartow, Winter Haven & Sun City

teeth-cleaningGoing to the dentist can be either a nerve racking or a rejuvenating experience. When it comes to teeth, you only get one pair of adult set and that’s it. That’s why you can never settle to have just anyone take care of your pearly whites.

Our team dentists have over 50 years of combined dental experience. They make each trip to the dentist’s office extremely relaxing for people of all ages. They will dispel all your reservations and will make your family feel at home. One of the best perks of the job is when someone brings in the next generation of their family for professional dental care. Maybe that’s why so many of our patients have been coming for years, even decades, as their family dentist.

Here are just of the few dental services we offer at the Dental Associates of Florida:

  • Preventative care
  • Filling services
  • Comprehensive teeth cleaning
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Tooth Whitening

Our gentle dentists combine compassion with professionalism in order to give our patients the best teeth cleaning imaginable. So whether you are looking for a routine teeth cleaning or tooth whitening, come to the Dental Associates of Florida for professionals for dentists who care. Contact us to make your appointment at one of our 6 locations in Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, Bartow, Sun City, Winter Haven and surrounding Tampa Bay communities.