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Teeth Whitening in Lake Wales, Haines City & Beyond

Teeth WhiteningIf your smile has become stained and discolored over the years, teeth whitening can restore it to its natural beauty. Some people choose DIY home tooth whitening, but if you want an effective and fast result, we recommend having professional teeth whitening done in our dentist office by our cosmetic dentist.

Some of the benefits of professional whitening:

  • Your teeth will become whiter, faster. Dentists use much stronger whitening agents than over-the-counter products, and many store-bought products won’t show a marked improvement for 2 to 4 weeks. At our dentist office, you will be able to see results up to 8 shades lighter in about one hour.
  • Our staff at Dental Associates of Florida will custom-tailor a treatment plan to your needs, especially if you have sensitive gums or teeth.
  • Generic trays holding bleaching solutions won’t match your unique gum line, and the bleach may leak out into your gums and result in uneven teeth whitening. Our cosmetic dentist at Dental Associates of Florida designs a custom tray made from a mold of your teeth, so you’ll have a perfect fit and better results every time.
  • Not everyone is a candidate for professional tooth whitening. Our dentist will examine your mouth and discuss the pros and cons of teeth bleaching with you. He will talk to you about over-bleaching as well, since this will turn many teeth brittle and can lead to erosion of the protective enamel.


Dental Associates of Florida offers professional teeth whitening at all of our dental clinics. Schedule an appointment or ask for a consultation at our dentist office today. We are approved by major dental insurances agencies throughout Central Florida, and our friendly staff offers help with filling out insurance forms as needed. We are proud to serve Lake Wales, Haines City and beyond.