TMJ Dentist Homosassa Springs

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TMJ Dentist Homosassa Springs

If your dentist refers to TMJ disorder, they’re talking about one or both of your temporolmandibular joints.  Those are hinge joints on either side of your face that attach the jaw to the temporal bone of the skull.  You use those joints whenever you speak, chew, yawn, sneeze or laugh.  When one or both of those joints doesn’t align with the jaw properly, you’ll likely suffer stabbing or burning facial pain  from your trigeminal nerve.  Damage to your trigeminal nerve might first be diagnosed by our emergency dentist after a physically traumatic event.  That pain might be intermittent, or it could be prolonged for months or even years depending on the extent of the TMJ damage.

If you’re experiencing TMJ pain issues, our TMJ dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Homosassa Springs, has specific TMJ training and experience in treating you for your pain caused by TMJ misalignment.  Symptoms might include jaw pain with clicking, pain across one side of your face and headaches on one side of your head or even ringing in one or both ears.  With the most modern technology available, our Homosassa Springs emergency dentist and TMJ dentist will determine the precise location and cause of your TMJ condition and advise you accordingly.  You’ll then be able to select from any number of painless treatment modalities that our TMJ dentist will give you.  Those might include:

  • A removable dental appliance
  • Clear braces that are removable
  • Metal braces
  • Occlusal adjustment reshaping the surface of teeth

You can contact our Homosassa Springs emergency dentist for your pain related to a TMJ disorder.  We’ll do everything we can to get have you seen right away so you can see our TMJ dentist for an effective and affordable solution.  We’ll give you painless smiles and laughs.