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TMJ Dentist Inverness

When your dentist mentions a TMJ condition, they’re talking about your two temporomandibular joints.  Those are the two joints under your ears where your jaw is attached to your skull.  You use your TMJ and the muscluature associated with it every time that you open your mouth  talk or chew.  A TMJ disorder occurs when the joint becomes misaligned with your skull.  A TMJ disorder can cause neuralgia along the trigeminal nerve.  That’s what supplies nerve impulses to the TMJ and muscles around it, and that’s what sends TMJ pain signals out.

The TMJ dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Inverness has extensive experience in training and treating your TMJ disorder.  A thorough examination is performed at the highest technological level available to determine the exact location, nature and extent of your TMJ condition.  Given the condition of your teeth, tissue and the surrounding bone,  you’ll be able to choose from painless and non-invasive treatment options that we’ll give you.  Those can consist of:

  • Conveniently removable dental appliances
  • Removable clear braces
  • Temporary metal braces
  • Other corrective dental options

Some TMJ conditions might even be caused by crooked or irregularly spaced teeth.  Our cosmetic dentist in Inverness  can give you a dental makeover that can significantly alleviate or even cure the painful symptoms of a TMJ disorder.  See at TMJ dentist or cosmetic dentist at Dental Associates of Florida sooner rather than later.  The longer you put a TMJ condition off, the worse it’s going to get. TMJ pain is only going to continue control one of the most important functions of your body.  Contact Dental Associates of Florida in Inverness and ask about a TMJ dentist or cosmetic dentist.  Treatment is likely to be painless, and you’re assured of getting friendly, professional,  personalized and caring service.