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TMJ Dentist Winter Haven

Temporalmandibular joint (TMJ) issues involve the complexities of your jaw joints where they connect on each side of your skull.  TMJs get quite a bit of work every day when you eat, swallow, speak, yawn, smile, laugh or even brush your teeth.  If you experience painful clicking, facial and ear pain, it’s likely that that your jaw joints and the muscles that you use for chewing aren’t working in conjunction with each other.  Detection and treatment of TMJ disorders by a TMJ dentist are important because if left untreated, the pain persists, and more serious conditions can result.

Treatment of a TMJ disorder takes time, but after an evaluation, our TMJ dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven can alleviate or even eliminate TMJ pain and discomfort by improving how your jaw and chewing muscles work together.  Treatment options with our TMJ dentist might include but not be limited to:

  • Prescribing anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers
  • Steroid injections
  • Self-care treatments at home or work
  • Use of a clear plastic dental appliance over teeth
  • TMJ surgery in a small minority of very severe cases

Some TMJ disorders result from trauma caused in accidents or sports.  With our advanced diagnostic technology, our Winter Haven emergency dentist and TMJ dentist can determine the nature and extent of a TMJ injury and recommend proper care and treatment early.

If you or somebody in your family is suffering pain and discomfort from a suspected TMJ disorder, contact our Winter Haven TMJ dentist for a consultation and evaluation.  If it’s an accident or sports TMJ injury, ask to see our emergency dentist, and we’ll do whatever we can to get you in right away.