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Tooth Extraction Inverness

Teeth can become damaged, decayed or injured, and they sometimes have to be removed.  Just about everybody has gone through the necessity of a tooth extraction.  At Dental Associates of Florida here in Inverness, we want to make the entire process as gentle and painless as possible.  That’s why we use sedation dentistry and a local anesthetic.   Sometimes we might even use nitrous oxide in addition to the local anesthetic because we’re concerned with your comfort.

After the tooth extraction, you face the issue of replacing the missing tooth.  Once that tooth is removed, the gap gives other teeth the opportunity to shift position and move into that space.  It’s likely that the shift will cause misalignment that results in:

  • Chewing difficulty and pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Difficulty cleaning teeth resulting in gum disease
  • Additional tooth loss from decay

That’s why a cosmetic dentist is so important after a tooth extraction.   If there’s no infection, a cosmetic dentist might even place a dental implant immediately after the extraction.  That prevents the possibility of other teeth shifting.  The implant placed by the cosmetic dentist will then serve as an anchor for an artificial tooth that’s going to be fitted either to the implant or an abutment attached to it in the future.

All of or dentists at Dental Associates of Florida are highly trained.  They attend continuing dental education, seminars and conventions to remain leaders in their profession.  If it looks like you or a family member are going to need a tooth extraction and/or a cosmetic dentist, we’re only a phone call away here in Inverness.  Contact us for an examination, and if we spot any issues, we’ll advise you of the options you can choose from.  Our gentle dentistry brings terrific smiles.