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Tooth Extraction in Spring Hill, Dade City & Beyond

Tooth ExtractionNobody likes the idea of getting their teeth pulled, but there are times when a tooth extraction can be necessary to improve your appearance and health. An example is a dental abscess. Left untreated, an abscess can make you ill with a fever, nausea, vomiting, chills and sweats. More serious dental abscesses can even interfere with your breathing. For teeth that are unlikely to respond to treatment, our highly qualified dentist is able to easily remove them and insert a functional and more appealing bridge, implant or denture.

The dentists working at Dental Associates of Florida recommend only having a tooth extracted when you are in a lot of pain, the tooth has the potential to make you feel very sick or it impedes orthodontic treatment like braces.

Tooth extraction is appropriate for those with:

  • An appointment for orthodontic treatment
  • A traumatic tooth injury
  • Severe tooth discoloration or decay
  • Stubborn baby or wisdom teeth
  • An abscessed tooth

Advances in dental techniques and medical technology have made tooth extraction less traumatic and painful. Your dentist will administer nitrous sedation, better known as “laughing gas”, to keep you calm or provide you with an anesthesia, allowing you to sleep throughout the procedure. Your dentist and his assistants will work quickly to remove your tooth with the least amount of pain and trauma possible and will give you a prescription for pain medicine, when necessary, and clear instructions on how to care for the site where the tooth was pulled.

Do delay treatment and risk illness. Our professional dentists make tooth extraction easy and painless. Contact us today to learn more about tooth extraction or schedule an appointment. Dentists at all of our six clinics is ready to serve patients living in Spring Hill, Dade City and beyond.