Tooth Implant Brandon

Tooth Implant Brandon

Tooth Implant Brandon

When you are looking for a dentist that can do a tooth implant in Brandon
a good choice is Dental Associates of Florida. At Dental Associates of Florida, a dentist who specializes in tooth implants conducts the procedure. The result is a beautiful, new tooth where one was missing before.

Many people have missing teeth. Some people are born with teeth missing due to their genetics. Others have accidents that knock their teeth out.

A dentist uses the foundation provided by a tooth implant to support a crown or partial dentures. A bridge has a gap, not connected to the bone. This area may experience bone loss unless filled with a tooth implant. Because a tooth implant securely holds itself in place, the other teeth do not shift, there is less wear on the other teeth, and the bone structure of the face does not change.

In addition to tooth implants in Brandon, we also offer a variety of popular procedures.

Popular dental procedures include::

Emergency Dentist
Sedation Denistry

If you need a tooth implant in Brandon, schedule an appointment for a consultation with a dentist at Dental Associates of Florida so the dentist can discuss all the possibilities with you.

See why some many patients in Brandon choose
Dental Associates of Florida for their tooth implants. Call us today at 813-563-0680