Tooth Implant Tampa

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Tooth Implant Tampa

You may need a tooth implant in Tampa to replace one lost to injury, decay or gum disease. Even though you take care of your teeth as recommended by your dentist, tooth loss can happen. The experienced professionals at Dental Associates can help .

Denture adhesive often fails and they slip. Bridges, too, can slip. Both can make speaking clearly and chewing difficult. A tooth implant stays where the dentist puts it and it does not interfere with speaking or eating. The implant, as your dentist will explain, happens over time. You can look forward to the benefits of improved self-esteem, comfortable chewing, and better overall oral health

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To begin your implant proceedure, our team of expert technicians and your dentist plan your care based on the implant option best for you. Next,a small titanium post goes into the bone socket where you lost the tooth. Over the next few months, the socket heals and the bones around the root implant, or post, grow around it to firmly hold it in place.

The dentist continues with the placement of an abutment, which holds the crown in place. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and gums and model the tooth after your existing teeth. The crown will even match the color of your other teeth.

The dentist makes no size adjustments to the teeth near the crown so chewing feels natural. Your implant will look like your other teeth and you can smile again.

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