Tooth Implant Winter Haven

Tooth Implant for Winter Haven, Tampa, Spring Hill, Lakeland, Sun City, & Surrounding Areas

Tooth Implant Winter Haven

At Dental Associates, we know that tooth loss causes stress in middle aged and older adults. A tooth implant is another option instead of bridges and dentures. They replace tooth roots providing a solid foundation for replacement teeth that are made for your mouth by the dentist.

A dental implant is a surgical piece made for the jawbone where the tooth will be placed. The metal post is placed in the bone socket of  the missing tooth or teeth. A cap is later  placed over this and the gum stitched.  

After a period of time the bone grows around the socket anchoring it in the jaw. The healing process often takes six to twelve weeks after surgery. Most tooth implants are made of titanium.

The benefits of a tooth implant by a Dental Associates dentist are many:

  • Improved appearance with a nice smile.
  • More comfort and less pain eliminating dentures
  • Tooth implants are durable and  last many years.

When the patient visits the dentist, he will examine the site where the implant is needed. Often the doctor will give you X-Rays and a CT Scan of the area. The procedure is performed on you in the office by the dentist  and a general anesthetic is given. The first part involves tooth or teeth extraction. Often a bone graft  the site to prepares for the tooth implant.

When the implant heals the dentist will make a new tooth called a dental crown or crowns  for your mouth. This is the top part of the tooth implant  The dentist  takes an impression and makes the teeth for your mouth. Tooth implants are customized by the dentist for each patient.

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