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Tooth Repair in Lake Wales, Bloomingdale & Surrounding Regions

Tooth RepairNo one should be scared to smile. See our cosmetic dentist for a tooth repair. Whether your tooth has a small chip, or is cracked or broken, you need to see a dentist who can provide prompt tooth repair. At Dental Associates of Florida, one of our well-trained dentists in emergency dental care can restore your smile to its true beauty.

How can you care for a chipped or broken tooth before coming in to our dental clinic for emergency dental care?

  • If the tooth is painful, take either Tylenol or another over-the-counter drug.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • If the tooth has a jagged or sharp edge, cover it with a piece of sugarless chewing gum, so it won’t cut your tongue or the inside of your cheek or lip.
  • If you have to eat, make sure it’s soft foods only and avoid biting down.
  • If you’re bleeding, press down on the affected spot with gauze until the bleeding stops.
  • Cold ice packs can help with pain relief and swelling

It’s possible that the chip on your tooth is tiny, and we might just need to smooth it out and polish the area. Our dentist may decide to use bonding or filling material to repair a chip. If the chipped tooth is a visible front tooth, our dentist might use tooth-colored bonding material to help blend it naturally. In cases where the chip is large or the tooth is decayed, we may suggest a cap or a dental crown for your tooth repair. If the tooth’s pulp is exposed, a root canal may be necessary.

Our goal at Dental Associates of Florida is to provide premier tooth repair at any time you need it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or a consultation. We are proud to serve those in Lake Wales, Bloomingdale and surrounding regions.