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Tooth Repair for Those in Tampa, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Brandon & Surrounding Areas

Tooth Repair In emergency situations, you may find yourself with an injured tooth. Most parts of the body can heal on their own, but it’s widely known that teeth require professional assistance, when it comes to severe injury. Your dentist at Dental Associates of Florida will attempt to perform a tooth repair, rather than a tooth extraction. Saving teeth is most desired by our dentists, and if we can fix it rather than pull it, we call that a success.

When evaluating injured teeth, we are experienced in determining what can be fixed with a tooth repair. Chips and broken teeth can, oftentimes, be put back together with a tooth repair, using many different options that are dependent on the situation and state of the tooth. Dental veneers have also been used to help repair existing teeth. After a tooth injury, seeing your dentist as soon as possible is recommended. Otherwise, your tooth can become further damaged or infected. Losing adult teeth is a serious loss, and our staff recognizes this. While we can fix the gap a tooth extraction or lost tooth leaves, you will have to go through some sort of procedure to fill the space. There are several ways to perform a repair. These include:

  • Dental fillings
  • Bonding
  • Dental caps and crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Root canal treatments

You may require a tooth extraction, if simple repair is not a viable solution. In the case that the damage has extended to the pulp and causes a serious infection, the tooth may need to be pulled. We have an emergency dental staff on call during after-hours and on weekends. Some injuries cannot wait, and we understand that. Keeping your mouth and teeth in optimal health is imperative in avoiding an extensive tooth repair or invasive extraction.

Contact your closest Dental Associates of Florida dental office, if you need a tooth repair or are experiencing a dental emergency. Fixing broken and chipped teeth is our specialty, and our dentists will do everything in their power to preserve your natural teeth. Our patients in Tampa, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Brandon and the surrounding areas trust us to provide exceptional care in emergency situations.