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Tooth Repair in Brandon, Riverview, Haines City & Neighboring Areas

Tooth RepairEvery single day we put our teeth to the test. Did you know that tooth enamel is stronger and harder than bones? While true, your teeth can still be broken from any kind of trauma or injury to the face. Other things can gradually weaken your enamel and possibly crack a tooth as well. While there’s no way to totally stop teeth from cracking, there are some measures you can take to make teeth less susceptible to damage. Don’t chew on hard objects like pens, ice or extremely crunchy foods. Do your best to not grind or clench your teeth, and if you play contact sports, wear a face mask or mouth guard. The dentists at Dental Associates of Florida will discuss tooth repair services with you, and address any emergency dental needs.

Some options for tooth repair:

  • A tooth that is cracked above the gum line can be treated with a filling and may be cause for emergency tooth repair.
  • A fractured cusp happens when a portion of the chewing surface on the tooth cracks or completely breaks off. This usually occurs around a filling and might be treated by putting on a crown.
  • A split tooth below the gum line can cause nerve damage if left untreated. The tooth can possibly be saved by crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is a process where the bone surrounding the cracked tooth is lowered and the gum is trimmed back in order to put in a filling or complete a crown restoration.
  • When your tooth enamel is cracked, bacteria can enter and cause a pulp infection. To save a tooth and ease the pain, a root canal may be necessary.
  • A chipped tooth may be repaired with dental bonding or a porcelain veneer.

Other available options include endodontics, crowns, veneers, polishing, bonding and emergency dental services. Don’t let a chipped or damaged tooth keep you from smiling! Dental Associates of Florida offers fast tooth repair and emergency dental services. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve Brandon, Riverview, Haines City and neighboring areas.