Tooth Whitening Homosassa Springs

Tooth Whitening In Homosassa Springs, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa, & Surrounding Areas

Tooth Whitening Homosassa Springs

If discolored teeth are causing you to feel self-conscious when you smile or talk, consider having tooth whitening done by an experienced dentist. While tooth whitening can be done at home using a DIY kit, professional tooth whitening is faster, more effective and lasts longer than a do it yourself job. 

Dental Associates of Florida offers tooth whitening along with many other forms of dental assistance. Dental Associates of Florida operates six clinics in the local area and provides:

  • Emergency dentist services
  • Smile restoration
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Oral exams and tooth cleaning

Tooth whitening is generally done by a regular dentist rather than an emergency dentist. However, an emergency dentist may offer tooth whitening when treating patients that have incurred damage to one or more teeth in an accident. Trauma can cause dental discoloration and an emergency dentist can immediately whiten teeth that have been damaged in this way so that the damaged teeth will not stand out from the rest.

For starters, the dentist will give you a thorough exam to ensure that the discoloration can indeed be removed by whitening. Tooth whitening is then done using cutting edge equipment that ensures your teeth come out pearly white. When the treatment has been completed, your dentist will explain which foods and drinks you will need to avoid for the next few days and offer tips and advice that can prevent future dental discoloration problems.

If you need tooth whitening treatment from a regular or emergency dentist, contact us at your convenience to make an appointment. Our dentists operate in a gentle, caring yet efficient manner and will offer you a full oral examination, present various treatment options and work with you to beautify your smile and improve your oral hygiene.