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Tooth Whitening TampaTooth whitening, when done by a Dental Associates dentist in a professional setting, is faster and more accurate than do-it-yourself kits. Usually the dentist completes the tooth whitening procedure in one visit. The procedure is pain-free. First, the mouth is prepared by applying protection for the gums. Also, you wear glasses so that nothing inadvertently splashes in the eyes.

Once these safety measures are in place, the dentist applies the tooth whitening gel to the teeth directly where needed. The chemical in the whitening gel is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth stain over time from drinking coffee, red wine, tea, soft drinks, and smoking. When teeth have become yellow, most people find this unattractive. Teeth also turn more yellow as you get older. This happens because the enamel that covers the outer layer of the tooth wears down over time. Then, more of the dentin, which is underneath the enamel layer, starts to show through. Dentin is more of a yellow color. It is not possible to fix every tooth discoloration with whitening. For example if a tooth has damage due to injury or disease, the discoloration comes from deep inside, so whitening would not be effective in that case.

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For those than want the fastest result, then in-office tooth whitening by your dentist is the best way to go. Consult with your dentist to learn what tooth whitening can do for you and then make an appointment for tooth whitening to enjoy a nicer-looking, brighter smile.

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