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Tooth Whitening for Residents of Tampa, Brandon, Spring Hill, Temple Terrace, Sun City & Beyond

Tooth Whitening Tooth Whitening is one of our most requested cosmetic treatments and for good reason. Everybody wants a bright white smile. At Dental Associates, our general dentist and staff can help you determine if tooth whitening is right for you.

First, you will need to come in for a routine exam and whitening consultation. It is important to discuss your goals with your general dentist during this time, so you can be sure your goals are in line with your treatment plan and that you are being realistic with your expectations. Talk with us about what level of brightness you are hoping to achieve, and we can help you decide if whitening is appropriate or whether dental veneers may be necessary to accomplish your vision.

Next, you will need to decide if you would prefer an in-office treatment plan or want to complete your series of treatments from the comfort of your own home. Depending on your desired results, we may recommend one treatment plan over another, but most patients can enjoy the degree of tooth whitening they desire with either treatment plan.

Finally, we can discuss the cost of your tooth whitening treatment plan. While most dental insurance providers do not cover these types of cosmetic treatments, we are proud to offer affordable rates and even provide dental financing to those who qualify.

At Dental Associates, we do much more than whiten teeth. Our comprehensive service offering includes:

No matter what your dental needs may be, Dental Associates has the skill and experience to get it done affordably and without sacrificing quality. We have served patients from Tampa, Brandon, Spring Hill, Temple Terrace, Sun City and beyond for many years, and our general dentist looks forward to seeing you for a tooth whitening consult, teeth cleaning, cavity filling or any other dental need you may have. Contact us today to join the Dental Associates family and enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health.