Tooth Whitening Winter Haven

Tooth Whitening For Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Tooth Whitening Winter Haven

When you meet somebody, your smile is their first impression of you.  No matter how well you care for your teeth, their color is going to fade and yellow.  Age, coffee tea, sodas, red wine and tobacco use are the primary reasons for tooth discoloration.  No only is that white smile that you once had is going to make a more positive first impression, but you’re going to feel better about yourself too after tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening through Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven can be done through several different processes.  It’s a terrific solution for individuals who have healthy but yellowed teeth.  The processes used for tooth whitening include:

  • Toothpastes for surface stains
  • Gels with peroxide to be used for about two weeks
  • Rinses to be used before brushing
  • Strips with peroxide to be used for about two weeks

Many tooth whitening products like trays can be used at home, but trays aren’t customized for your individual teeth and bite.  Beaching and whitening agents aren’t as powerful as those used at our dental clinic either.  Our products also contain protection for your gums that can’t be bought over-the-counter and used at home.

Our patients have renewed the look that their teeth had from years ago through our tooth whitening processes.  At Florida Dental Associates in Winter Haven, we offer the most modern tooth whitening science.  It’s safe and inexpensive too.  Contact us for that new and brilliant smile. We even have an emergency dentist on staff. We’ll bring back that great first impression, and you’re going to feel better about yourself too.