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toothacheIf you have been experiencing red or tender gums and a bad toothache, you may be suffering from gum disease. You may only have one affected tooth, or many or all teeth may be swollen and uncomfortable. A dentist here at Dental Associates of Florida will be able to define where the pain is coming from and what may be the cause of it. If your dentist determines that you do, indeed, have gum disease, he or she will make a recommendation on a treatment plan to get your gums back to optimal health.

Some treatment methods for toothache and disease include:

  • Annual Dental Cleanings – Making sure not to skip your annual or biannual cleanings is pertinent to excellent oral hygiene and health. Your dentist will be able to aid in preventing disease or toothache professionally and thoroughly.
  • In-Office Procedures – Surgeries such as pocket reduction surgery or bone grafts will be performed, if needed. Usually, these procedures restore lost gum or bone from disease, removing the tarter and hard built-up plaque that causes your toothache.
  • Medication – Certain antibiotic treatments can aid with procedures or work alone to reduce the bacteria and disease in your mouth. The usage of fluoride rinses and antibiotic toothpastes may be prescribed as well by your doctor, helping to reduce your toothache and swollen gums.

Your dentist will provide you with steps to eliminate or prevent gum disease and the toothache it brings with it. He or she will prepare you for treatment, providing you with specific medications or sedatives dependent on your individual plan. Most toothache procedures are done in office and will have you feeling better and more confident with your smile in no time. Suffering from a toothache will be a thing of the past with our skilled and practiced dentists on staff. Caring and proactive, your dentist will ensure that your smile is at its healthiest.

Schedule an appointment with one of our available dentists to treat your toothache and swollen gums. We are proud to serve those located in Bartow, Brooksville, Plant City, Winter Haven and surrounding cities.