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Dental Associates is a a top cosmetic dentist in Tampa that provides comprehensive services to make your teeth look dazzling.  Tooth whitening is a popular treatment. It changes the color of the enamel to white and bright. Many patients are concerned about their teeth for social and job related reasons. Whitening is used for food, beverage, tobacco stains, and not brushing enough.

Often tooth whitening  treatments take place in the office. Our dentist  takes  photos of your teeth first . Often the dentist examines  your teeth and cleans them next.  In the dentist office, the whitening  process allows the cosmetic dentist to use a more powerful gel that is activated by a light. In procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes. Sometimes you will need a few treatments to get the best results.  Often the dentist will give you teeth whitening kits to use at home.  Don’t let stained teeth get you down try this procedure.

Dental Associates provides many different cosmetic services, including:

Composite filling are used to repair cracked teeth,  chipped teeth, or decayed teeth. The portion that is damaged will be removed and filled with composite fillings.  Composite filling and silver amalgams are the most popular. Composite fillings are white and easier to match to the tooth. They are not permanent and often have to be replaced.  A top cosmetic dentist Tampa will offer comprehensive dental services to patients.  Dental implants replace missing teeth and are natural. Crowns often resemble natural teeth and often are made after the dental implants. Look for a top cosmetic dentist Tampa that provides these services.

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