Top Rated Root Canal In Brooksville

Top Rated Root Canal in Brooksville, Tampa, Spring Hill, Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Surrounding Areas

Top Rated Root Canal In Brooksville

Looking for a top rated root canal in Brooksville?
Look no further than Dental Associates.

Most people hear a dentist say “root canal,” and they want to go running in the other direction. Your dentist at Dental Associates of Florida understands your anxiety and will do everything that he can to make the root canal stress free and pain free.

While most patients are more afraid of a root canal than a cavity filling.

Your dentist begins by removing the root nerve, which is housed in the canal with the tooth root. The nerve controls hot and cold sensations but otherwise does not affect daily functioning and use in any way, which means that you won’t have compromised speech, biting, or chewing.

The root canal is intended to save teeth that are injured, infected, or severely decayed. Without getting a root canal with a qualified dentist, most likely you’ll end up losing the tooth.

If you experience one or more of the following signs and symptoms, you need to see a dentist.

  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures cause discomfort in the tooth

  • Severe discomfort in the tooth while chewing

  • Discoloration of the tooth

Your dentist will consult with you on the approach. Some patients can have the entire procedure done in one sitting while other patients require multiple sittings. Root canals have a very high success rate. In 95 percent of root canal cases, the procedure saves the tooth.

See why so many people in Brooksville, Tampa, Spring Hill, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Sun City, and nearby communities choose Dental Associates for their top rated root canal.

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