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Veneers New Tampa

While veneers and tooth whitening are both intended to make teeth white again, they are used at different times. Tooth whitening is utilized in instances where tooth discoloration is caused by eating and drinking the wrong foods. Veneers, on the other hand, are used when discoloration cannot be removed by tooth whitening, as is the case when a patient is getting on in years or has been in an accident. Veneers can also cover small gaps between teeth and even out teeth.

Veneers should be applied by a professional who has both training and experience in this field. That is why many Tampa residents opt to work with Dental Associates of Florida. The clinic has half a dozen branches and offers:

  • Experienced dentists
  • Gentle, personalized care
  • Help with insurance paperwork
  • Comprehensive treatment

Dental Associates of Florida offers customer care that is second to none. Staff members are knowledgeable and helpful and schedule appointments in a fast, efficient manner. All dentists use top of the line equipment, make time to answer questions and address concerns and ensure that the veneers will provide the right look for your teeth. In instances where tooth whitening is an option as well, the dentist will explain the pros and cons of veneers and tooth whitening so that you can make a wise, well-informed choice.

If you need teeth whitening and/or are considering obtaining veneers, contact us at your convenience. We offer top notch service that will either meet or exceed your expectations.