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Veneers Tampa

Veneers cover teeth with a thin layer of porcelain or resin. The materials used are a perfect match for the natural color of teeth. Porcelain has a beautiful translucent quality, which reflects light in a similar way as natural teeth do. They can cover one or more teeth. They cannot correct teeth that are severely out of position, problems with the bite, or the appearance of the teeth from a profile angle. If these difficulties exist, then the dentist will use orthodontic procedures, such as the many choices for types of braces, to move the teeth into the correct position first. Once the teeth are properly located, then veneers provide the perfect finished look.

The material used for veneers is very tough and stain resistant. It actually improves the strength of the teeth. The dentist removes a tiny portion of the front of the tooth to make a place to attach the veneers. The procedure frequently has no need for anesthesia. A custom set of veneers comes from a specialized dental laboratory. At Dental Associates, our dentist creates them in the color desired to either match the older teeth or provide a brand new smile for a full set of front teeth.

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There is a great deal of artistic influence in creating perfect veneers. Patients should work carefully with their dentist to get the smile that they really want. For example, some prefer that the dentist not make the teeth too white looking because the appearance is not natural. There are many shades to consider. Make an appointment with your dentist at our clinic to get started. Learn more about how to brighten your smile with veneers.

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