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Wisdom Teeth Removal for Those in Spring Hill, Riverview, Dade City, Bloomingdale & Neighboring Areas

wisdom teeth removalPain that occurs at the back of your child’s mouth might mean he or she is experiencing their wisdom teeth coming in. This usually happens to teens and young adults, as their extra set of molars start to make their way down into the mouth. This pain occurs when there is not enough room for them to come in, causing existing teeth to shift. Oftentimes, extra teeth will become impacted or start to grow in at odd angles. Here at Dental Associates of Florida, one of our experienced dentists will evaluate your child’s current oral health and determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

Removing wisdom teeth will help prevent the shifting of your child’s existing adult teeth and deter any infection from occurring. Removing wisdom teeth is a standard surgical, out-patient procedure. The mild discomfort that follows the treatment is short-lived and prevents any further damage or future pain.

Tooth pain can be caused by many different reasons. Reasons include:

  • Dental decay and cavities
  • Pulp infection or inflammation.
  • An abscessed tooth
  • Tooth injury resulting in damage or a crack
  • Gingivitis or gum disease

Whether your child needs wisdom teeth removal or treatment for an abscessed tooth, getting his or her teeth and gums evaluated by a professional from Dental Associates of Florida is important to maintain a healthy mouth and ward off further infection or decay. Visiting our dentist regularly will also aid in the prevention of oral disease and encourage proper oral hygiene habits earlier in life.

Whether you or your child need wisdom teeth removed or have an abscessed tooth that requires immediate treatment, we will take care of you and your family. We are proud to offer service to those in Spring Hill, Riverview, Dade City, Bloomingdale and neighboring areas. We also have several local locations for your convenience and offer affordable and competitive pricing options. In addition, we can provide financing for those who qualify. Contact your nearest Dental Associates of Florida location today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists for an evaluation and learn if your child is a candidate for wisdom teeth removal.