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If you’re tired of dealing with gaps in your smile or dentures that slip out of place, you may be a candidate for dental implants in Florida. Dental implants can give you a confident, functional smile, and they look just like your natural teeth or better. To find out more, continue reading and call our dental practice today.

Why Is a Dental Implant Used?

When you undergo dental implant surgery, the root of your tooth is replaced with a titanium post or framework that sits in or on the jawbone, depending on the type of implant you choose, such as endosteal or subperiosteal. Once the jaw has healed and the implant has bonded into place, the implant will serve as a firm base for a prosthetic tooth that is made to be an exact match for your natural tooth.

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

In general, the cost of dental implants is higher than what you’d pay for traditional dentures or a bridge. However, most patients believe that the initial dental implants cost is worth it because it’s an investment in the health and preservation of the jawbone and face shape. Every patient has a dental implant treatment plan that is customized to fit individual needs. Contact our office for a consultation to find out about your options for affordable dental implants.

Will Insurance Pay for Dental Implants?

Are you wondering if it’s possible to find affordable dental implants without insurance? Since the majority of dental insurance plans don’t include dental implants insurance coverage, our dental office strives to find other ways to make your dental implants cost easier to manage. For example, we offer flexible financing plans that allow you to spread your payments out over time. Not having dental implants insurance shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing the life-enhancing benefits of implants.

Dental Implants Procedure Steps

A dental implants procedure is typically conducted in two stages:

  • The implant is surgically placed into the jawbone to take the place of the natural tooth’s roots. It then has to heal in place for three to six months. The bone will fuse with the implant, forming a strong bond.
  • The dentist will attach an abutment to the implant to act as a connector between the dental implant and the crown. Then, the crown will be cemented in place to conclude the dental implants procedure.

Are There Significant Benefits to Implants?

Patients who choose implants benefit from having replacement teeth that function and look like natural teeth. Implants are comfortable, and they won’t slide out of place and cause embarrassment like dentures. You take care of them like natural teeth and they don’t have to be taken out at night. Implants also have health benefits as they don’t negatively impact the health of the surrounding teeth, and they promote the conservation of jawbone density.

Dental Implant Types

There are several types of implants and restorations available. Your dentist will make a recommendation based on the amount of bone available, your general health and your personal preferences. Some of the options include endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants and mini implants. A single implant is perfect for replacing one lost tooth, and an implant-supported bridge is a great way to fill in larger gaps.

Dental Implant Care After Surgery

After surgery, you should focus on keeping your implants and gum tissue clean with regular rinsing. You can take non-prescription pain medication to alleviate any swelling or minor discomfort. Your dentist will monitor your healing process and advise you on the specific details of your aftercare. Once you’re healed, take care of your implants by brushing and flossing every day to reduce plaque buildup and prevent the development of gum disease.

Who is a Good Candidate for Implants?

Anyone who is missing teeth or thinks they need a tooth extraction should have a consultation to find out if they’re a good dental implant candidate. If you’d like a tooth restoration that’s less hassle than removable dentures and bridges, call us for an appointment. Our dentist will assess your case and determine if an implant tooth restoration is right for you.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Last?

Implants are intended to be a permanent tooth restoration option. However, exactly how long they’ll last depends on a few factors. For example, the patient needs to pay attention to their oral hygiene in order to maintain the health of their gums and any remaining natural teeth. With care, a dental implant can last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime. Please contact our practice today for more details about dental implants in Florida.

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