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Have you had a healthy smile your whole life but now you believe that you have a cavity or have you recently lost a tooth? Don’t worry, you can have that healthy, dazzling smile once again with a little help from our dental professionals. Call our dental office and we will schedule an appointment for you to start achieving your dental goals.

Why Do I Need a Filling?

Fillings close a hole left by dental decay. The reason dentists fill the hole is to prevent additional decay, which can lead to tooth loss. Catching a cavity early will usually prevent costlier and more time consuming work later on.

What Are Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges?

Crowns for teeth are prosthetic device that restore a broken tooth’s functionality and shape by acting as a cap for the tooth. Bridges fasten onto the two natural teeth surrounding a gap where there was once a tooth. A prosthetic tooth goes on the bridge, effectively filling a missing tooth smile.

Which Dentists Provide Dental Fillings, Crowns and Bridges?

Our dentists offer tooth fillings and restorative services to help your achieve your dental health and smile goals. Contact us for an appointment and we will try to meet all of your dental needs from the comfort of our office.

How Much Does Filling a Cavity or Getting a Bridge or Dental Crown Cost?

Your tooth filling cost depends on whether you select metal or composite as the filling material, just as your price for a crown depends on the type of crown you and your dentist select as the best option. You would also need to get an estimate from our dentist for your dental bridge cost, since there are a number of variables that affect the final cost.

What Do Dentists Use to Fill Cavities?

Dentists will use either a composite tooth filling for a more natural look or economical amalgam (metal) fillings. If you need a cavity filled, please contact our office for an appointment. If you delay, you may need a costlier root canal procedure later on.

What Types of Crowns Are Available to Choose?

Porcelain, ceramic and porcelain-fused-to-metal dental caps will look very similar to your natural teeth. Gold crowns are the most durable and they rarely ever chip. If you have a broken tooth that you would like capped, please call us to schedule an appointment and our dentist will help you select the most suitable crown for you.

Which Types of Tooth Bridges Are Available?

There are two types of bridges that fit all of our patient’s needs. Traditional fixed bridges that attach to two surrounding teeth and the cantilever bridge, which is used when there is only one tooth for support.

How Does a Tooth Crown Go on a Tooth?

Since crowns need thickness for strength and durability, our dentist needs to shave your tooth down to leave room for the tooth crown to fit and not appear larger than your other teeth. The dentist will then make a mold, which means you will receive a crown that fits perfectly and appears natural. You will come back when the crown is ready and our dentist will remove your temporary protective crown and place the custom crown on your tooth.

What is Getting a Tooth Bridge Like?

A tooth bridge is well worth the two visits needed because it is a permanent solution to a missing tooth or teeth. On your first visit, your anchor teeth are sized and shaped to make room for the prosthetic tooth. Our dentist places the artificial tooth that was custom-made to match the neighboring teeth on your second visit and makes any necessary adjustments.

A cavity, a missing tooth or a broken tooth can seriously affect your oral health. Please call us for an appointment so we can help you find the best solution for your situation.

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