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At our dentist general practice, we focus on making trips to the dentist a positive experience for our patients by doing our best to put everyone at ease. Our mission is to ensure that you feel comfortable having procedures performed by our general dentist that will keep your smile looking healthy and bright. Contact us for an appointment today.

What Is General Family Dentistry?

General dentists are the caretakers of your overall oral health. They are the dental providers that people are the most familiar with, and they diagnose and treat the most common dental problems, such as toothaches and sensitive teeth. If there is a procedure that they do not perform, dentists will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

What Is a Dentist’s Job?

Dentists develop a dental health plan for their patients, based on each patient’s unique needs. The plan involves a schedule for preventative visits, scheduling any treatments that you may need and discussing cosmetic procedures that could enhance your smile. Your dentist is also available when you have a problem, such as a bad toothache, to ease your pain and remedy the situation.

General Dentistry Services

Our general dentist offers many types of dental services in a clean modern office, including the following list of services.

How Often Should I Visit a General Dentist Near Me?

The American Dental Association suggest that healthy individuals should schedule an exam every six months; however, your dentist may wish to see you more frequently if he or she wants to keep a close eye on your oral health.

How Much Does a General Dental Office Charge for an Appointment?

Our charges for general dentistry services will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of your condition or dental disease and how many visits your treatment will take to complete. You should discuss the cost with the dentist. If you are calling to schedule an exam, we will let you know the cost when you schedule your visit.

How Do I Go about Making an Appointment with a General Dentist?

It’s easy; just call us and let us know if you need to schedule an appointment for an exam or if you have a problem, such as a broken tooth, so we know how long to allot for your appointment.

How Long Do Appointments with a Dentist Usually Take?

Please ask us how long your exam or treatment will take when you are making your appointment.

How Do I Get Ready for My Dental Appointment?

There is very little that you have to do before you arrive. Bring a list of your prescriptions and your dental insurance card, if applicable.

What Happens If I Skip Going to the Dentist for Several Years?

Going to a dentist for a checkup twice a year enables your dentist to catch issues before they become expensive problems that will take longer to resolve. Call our office today to schedule a checkup to help keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

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