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Are you brushing and flossing diligently but still find that your teeth are not as white as they used to be? Teeth do appear yellow as you become older, but in many cases the yellowing is reversible with professional teeth whitening. You can have the luminous pearly whites that you had when you were young in no time at all.

Why Is Dental Teeth Bleaching So Popular?

In-office teeth bleaching offers a safe, reliable way to whiten your teeth under controlled conditions. Our teeth bleaching dentist uses a concentrated gel, which produces dramatic results for individuals with yellowing or staining caused by aging, drinking dark colored liquids and tobacco use.

Teeth whitening treatments are not effective on tetracycline staining and darkness caused by decay. Call us to schedule your consultation and our dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. If not, there are other solutions that can improve your smile.

Do Dentists Offer Professional-Grade Teeth Whitening at Home?

Our dentist may offer a custom tailored tray and teeth whitening gel for you to use a few hours a day or overnight, for faster results. A dentist-provided teeth whitening system will work far better than products sold in stores.

How Much Will Teeth Whitening Cost Me?

Your teeth bleaching cost will not be the same as other patients since everyone has unique teeth whitening needs. Our dentist will examine your teeth and give you an estimate of your final cost. Contact us for an appointment to see if at-home bleaching is right for you.

Can DIY Products Replace a Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products contain only a small percentage of the bleaching agent that a dentist uses. As such, the outcome will be considerably less noticeable than the remarkable results that you would see from teeth whitening from a dentist. If your teeth are yellow, is a little less yellow an acceptable payoff for weeks of work? If you would like impressively whiter teeth in one afternoon, contact us for a teeth whitening evaluation.

How Does a Teeth Bleaching Dentist Whiten Teeth?

Dentists whiten teeth using various systems. The following illustrates the typical steps performed by an experienced teeth whitening dentist.

  • Your dentist examines your teeth to determine the underlying cause of the discoloration, and then cleans them so that the bleaching agent reaches your tooth enamel.
  • Usually a photo of your teeth is taken to establish a baseline.
  • We use a cheek retractor to expose your teeth that show when you are smiling.
  • The dentist shields your gums with a protective gel.
  • You will have a professional-grade whitening gel applied and left on for a predetermined period. Some whitening systems use an intense light to augment the treatment.
  • Our dentist evaluates the outcome and explains how you can maintain the results.

If you are dreaming of the sparkling smile that teeth whitening in Florida can provide, call us to have your teeth whitening evaluation today.

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