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If your family dentist sent you to our root canal expert in Florida, he or she is giving you the best chance to save your tooth. Endodontists also see patients who do not have a referral. Do not let the thought of a root canal send shivers down your spine. The procedure is not painful, and is much easier to go through than the pain from the toothache. During your appointment we will make sure you as comfortable as possible.

Why Should I Have an Endodontist Perform My Root Canal?

Endodontists perform root canal treatment; the root canal is the pulp inside your tooth. Your pain is caused when the pulp becomes inflamed, which puts pressure on your tooth because it has nowhere to go. One of the main advantages of having an endodontist in Florida perform your root canal treatment is that endodontists perform multiple root canals each week, so they are experienced and knowledgeable about the procedure.

Additionally, our endodontist in Florida, like all other endodontists, has completed an additional two to three years of advanced endodontic therapy training in graduate school, after graduating from dental school. If you are concerned about saving your tooth, endodontists specialize in saving natural teeth.

What Is the Field of Endodontics?

The word endodontic comes from two Greek words meaning inside and tooth, which is the pulp, although the first endodontic treatment dates back to 200 BCE. While most people recognize endodontists as root canal specialists, they also treat dental injuries, such as root fractures, and infections of the pulp tissue from cracked teeth. The American Dental Association recognizes endodontics as a specialty. READ MORE

What Happens During My Visit to a Root Canal Specialist in Florida?
When you visit Dental Associates of Florida, we understand that knowing what to expect will make your visit more comfortable. When you arrive, we will take your medical history, ask you about any medications that you are taking and then take x-rays, unless your dentist has already forwarded your x-rays to our office.

You will receive an injection of local anesthesia, which will make the area numb and relieve your pain. Our endodontist will not continue until the area in numb; you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Next, a small hole is drilled in your tooth and the infected pulp is removed, along with the nerves, so you won’t feel any pain in the tooth ever again. Our specialist then washes the hole out and fills it with a special material, which held in by a temporary filling.

Finally, you will get a prescription for an antibiotic and possibly a prescription pain reliever or a recommendation to take an over the counter pain reliever for the minor discomfort you may feel after the procedure. You will then go back to your family dentist in a week or two to get either a permanent filling or a crown.

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Our goal is to have the best endodontist in Florida to serve you. Please call us at immediately if you have an agonizing toothache; acting quickly gives you the best chance of saving your tooth and avoiding the use of an implant or a dental bridge to close the gap left by a missing tooth, both of which are costly procedures.

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