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Taking your child to the dentist is as important as taking your child to the pediatrician. It’s important to begin teaching good oral care habits at an early age, and the dentist’s office is the best place for children to start learning.

Dental Associates of Florida – Bartow is dedicated to serving children, but we also offer dental services to those of all ages.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

If you’re wondering when to start dental care for children, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends as early as six months, depending on the child. As soon as an infant has a tooth, the tooth can be subject to decay. When two teeth abut, they should be flossed in order to prevent cavities. Your pediatric dentist can show you how to floss your child’s teeth.

Milk and juice have high sugar contents that can trigger the onset of cavities, so dentistry for kids is very important. Children should never be put to bed with a bottle or sippy cup because that can damage the integrity of the teeth and cause cavities. Children should be taught to drink water during the day in addition to juice and milk.

What Should I Expect During a Visit to My Children’s Dentist?

When you visit your children’s dentist, your child will receive an inspection of his or her jaw alignment and, depending on the findings, may receive one or more x-rays. The inspection can be performed either in the dentist’s chair or while the child is sitting on your lap, depending on the child’s comfort level, but this can also be a good time for your child to start learning about being in the dentist’s chair.

Our children’s dentist and support team use a variety of methods to maintain your child’s healthy smile. Some of those procedures are listed below:

  • Teeth cleaning: Our hygienist and our children’s dentist are experts at getting children to open wide. We’re also very adept at baby and toddler teeth cleanings.
  • Fillings: If the dentist finds a cavity, he or she can gently remove the damage and fill the tooth. Our office staff is quite adept at filling cavities in children.
  • Pediatric crowns: If your child’s cavity is too large for a filling, we can provide a crown.
  • Mouthguards: Children who are involved in physical contact sports such as boxing, football, and hockey should wear a mouthguard. If your child grinds his or her teeth, a mouth guard can also help alleviate pressure or damage from grinding.
  • Our caring children’s dentist in Bartow can fit your child for a mouthguard that will safeguard his or her teeth.
  • Sealants: If you’re concerned about tooth decay, we can provide a dental sealant that will discourage the development of decay.

Our children’s dentist in Bartow can also answer questions such as:

When are baby teeth coming in?
What can cause a toothache in a child?
At what age do baby teeth fall out?

Where Can I Find a Children’s Dentist in Bartow

If you’re searching the internet for, “children’s dentist near me” you can do no better than to visit one of our family friendly dental offices. Our caring staff want to ensure that you and your child are happy with your visit. You can expect to be treated like family from the time that you enter our office, and we’re always available to answer your questions about children’s dentistry.

Call us today or stop by our office to learn more about our dentistry for children and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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