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Proper dental care is essential to achieving and maintaining a happy and healthy smile. Our goal is to help you to meet your dental care goals. While we strive to keep all of your teeth healthy and beautiful, there are times when it is in your best interest to have one of our dentists perform a tooth extraction.

What is Dental Extraction Surgery?

A dental extraction surgery is usually performed when a tooth is severely damaged or infected. During the procedure, the dentist will separate the tooth from the periodontal ligaments. These ligaments are what keep the teeth attached to the jawbone. By separating the tooth from the ligament, the dentist removes the tooth.

Why is My Tooth Being Pulled?

There are many conditions that lead to getting a tooth pulled. Our dentist may want to pull your tooth if you are experiencing:

Broken or cracked teeth

A broken or cracked tooth can result from eating something hard or from a mouth injury. Minor instances of tooth damage can be remedied with a crown. Moderate to severe damage may require a root canal. A severely damaged tooth may result in tooth removal.

Severe Tooth Decay (cavities)

Cavities are no joke. They can do an extensive amount of damage to your teeth. Cavities are formed when an excess buildup of plaque begins to attack the enamel of your teeth. While most cavities are treated with fillings or crowns, extensive cavity damage may mean having to have the tooth pulled.

Advanced Gum Disease

When you have excessive plaque build up, you also have to worry about gum disease. Plaque is a filmy substance that is left behind after you eat and drink. The bacteria in plaque will gradually make its way down to the gums, causing bleeding, irritation and tooth loss. Patients in the advanced stages of gum disease may need to have several teeth extractions performed.

Baby Teeth Won’t Fall Out

If you’re worried that your child’s loose baby tooth hasn’t fallen out yet, give us a call. Baby teeth will occasionally fail to fall out on their own, leaving the permanent tooth underneath trapped. Our dentist will pull the tooth so that the permanent tooth can come in.

Crowded Teeth

Braces are a common occurrence in young people. As the permanent teeth grow in, many dentists discover that the patient’s mouth is not large enough to accommodate the new teeth. As the teeth struggle to grow, they become overcrowded and out of alignment. Most patients are referred to an orthodontist at this point. Before braces or other orthodontic treatments are pursued, the dentist may want to pull some of the teeth so that they have more room to grow in properly.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that often become impacted either partially or fully under the gum line. Impacted wisdom teeth are the result of not having enough room in the jaw for the new teeth. In these cases, the dentist will perform a wisdom tooth extraction. Complex cases may be referred to an oral surgeon.

What Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Pricing will vary according to the type of anesthetic used, as well as how complex the surgery you need is. We’ll work with you to come up with a payment option. We also accept dental discount plans and a variety of dental insurance plans.

What Kind of Aftercare Does a Tooth Extraction Require?

Dental extraction aftercare usually requires you to rest and to avoid eating hard foods. Other things to avoid include forcibly spitting and drinking out of straws. Painkillers will be prescribed to you so you can manage your pain levels after the procedure.

How fast is the tooth extraction healing process?

Many of our patients return back to normal within a day or two of the procedure. The length of time that the healing process takes depends on a number of factors. Your dentist will discuss the healing process with you.

Contact Our Office to Book an Exam

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment for a tooth extraction in Lakeland with us, you’ll be able to have an x-ray and an exam performed on your mouth. The dentist will then determine what kind of procedure will need to be done to treat your teeth and gums. Call us to learn more about how we can help you maintain a healthy smile.

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