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While it’s always best to receive routine and preventative dental care in order to increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth intact, there are cases where it is best to have a tooth pulled. Sometimes, the dentist may find that a tooth or teeth are too damaged or infected to remain in your mouth. In these cases, a tooth extraction is in order.

What Exactly is a Tooth Extraction?

Simply put, a dental extraction is tooth removal surgery. During this routine procedure, the dentist will separate the ligaments that connect the tooth to the jawbone. This removes the damaged or rotten tooth from the mouth.

Why Do I Need a Dental Extraction?

You may be wondering why the dentist has recommended that you have your tooth pulled. Some of the causes behind getting a tooth pulled include:

Broken or Cracked Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth can be painful and unsightly. This common problem often happens when a patient bites down on something hard. Mouth injuries are another common source of broken and cracked teeth. In some cases, the dentist will be able to fix your tooth with a crown. If your tooth is severely damaged, your dentist will probably recommend a dental extraction.

Severe Tooth Decay (cavities)

Tooth decay happens when plaque builds up on the teeth after eating and drinking. The bacteria within plaque will eat away at the tooth, causing cavities. If caught early enough, the cavity can be filled or a crown can be placed on the tooth. In severe cases, the tooth may rot away so much that the dentist will want to extract the tooth.

Advanced Gum Disease

Plaque can also cause periodontal disease. Commonly known as gum disease, periodontal disease happens when the bacteria moves to the gums, causing an infection that can also cause the teeth to separate from the gums. This often results in tooth loss. Patients with advanced gum disease often need to have teeth extractions done by the dentist.

Baby Teeth Won’t Fall Out

Loose teeth are usually a fun part of childhood. When the baby tooth won’t fall out like it’s supposed to, it can cause many problems. If your child has a loose tooth that is keeping the new permanent tooth trapped under the gums, a tooth extraction may be necessary.

Crowded Teeth

Having crowded teeth that overlap one another can cause many problems if left untreated. Teeth growing out of alignment can impact the jawbone and your overall dental health. In these cases, the dentist will usually refer you to an orthodontist for braces or for some other orthodontic treatment. The dentist or orthodontist will usually have to pull one or more teeth to make room for proper alignment.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are a common dental issue. Most people do not have enough space in their jawbone for an extra set of molars. The wisdom teeth often get stuck under the gum line or under a tooth. This can be painful and may also cause many dental issues. Extraction of the wisdom teeth is highly recommended in these situations.

What Will a Tooth Extraction Cost?

If you’re looking for affordable tooth extraction in Plant City, our office has you covered. While the cost of the procedure will vary according to what you need to have done, we will work with you to make payment arrangements. We offer payment options, discount plans and we accept most kinds of dental insurance.

What Kind of Aftercare Will I Need to Perform?

Our dentist will give you a detailed aftercare plan so that you can heal quickly and properly. Most of the time, the dentist will recommend that you eat soft foods until you are healed. We will also give you a prescription for pain medication.

How Quickly Will I Heal After the Extraction?

The tooth extraction healing process usually takes a couple of days. If you’ve had a more complicated surgery, you may be off of your feet for a bit longer than that. Following the dentist’s aftercare instructions will help you to heal within a faster time period.

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