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Participating in your favorite activities can become more difficult when you’re suffering from tooth loss. Fortunately, getting new dentures in Plant City is a great way to restore your smile’s luminosity and function.

How Long Does It Take to Get Dentures?

While getting a new denture can involve several steps, the benefits of a brilliant new smile can make the time commitment worth it. Most dentures take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. During your first appointment, your dentist may take impressions of your bite or record measurements of your jaw. This ensures that your custom-made denture replicates your natural jaw function. Depending on the type of denture your dentist recommends, you may require a tooth extraction or dental implant procedure. Your gums must heal following these procedures, so a temporary denture will be provided. Following your recovery, your final denture will be fitted and properly adjusted.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Our affordable quality dentures can help you reclaim your confidence and jaw function. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the following types of dentures:

Full or Partial Dentures

A full denture can be a great option for those who are suffering from extensive tooth loss. These customized appliances replace an entire row of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Traditional full dentures sit on the gum line, while fixed appliances are supported by dental implants. A full denture is created to look natural through the use of a gum-colored base and realistic pontic teeth. To receive a full denture, you may need to undergo a tooth extraction.

Partial dentures are used when you are only missing a few teeth in a specific area of the mouth. Partials are affixed by using a clasp that slips over the supporting teeth, making them easy to remove for cleaning.

Flexible Partial Denture

A flexible partial is a unique and discreet solution for those who are missing a small section of teeth. They are created using soft, pliable materials that flex as you speak and chew. Gum-colored clasps make flexible partials virtually invisible when worn.

Implant-Supported Denture

For a secure hold without the use of denture adhesives, consider an implant-supported denture. These appliances can be fixed in the jaw or removable using a convenient snap system. Implant-supported dentures are best for those who have lost several teeth but have retained ample jawbone.

What Is the Cost of Dentures?

Because all dentures are custom-made to fit each patient’s needs, their cost will vary widely. Typically, the style of denture chosen, the materials required to make the denture, and the dental pre-work needed will factor into the final dentures cost. At your appointment, one of our dentists will explain your treatment plan and your options for affordable quality dentures.

What Is a Denture?

If missing teeth are holding you back from participating in the activities you love, consider getting dentures in Plant City. A denture is a customized dental device that is made to replicate your natural teeth and bite. The artificial teeth can be attached to a frame or held in place using implants. Wearing a denture can have a profound impact on your speech, chewing ability, and confidence.

What Is a Soft Denture Reline?

Prolonged denture wear can occasionally cause sore spots and discomfort along the gum line. A soft reline from a dentist addresses this issue, resurfacing the denture with a pliable material. With a soft reline, you can experience increased comfort for up to two years.

What Are All On Four Dentures?

Many denture wearers desire increased biting power and stability when using their appliance – this is possible with an all-on-four denture. During this procedure, your dentist will attach the denture using four implants in the bottom jaw. To find out whether this procedure is right for you, please contact our office.

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