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If you’re worried that the current condition of your teeth isn’t up to par, our office is here to take care of you. Our practice offers an array of different routine and preventative dental care services for your convenience. When facing serious dental problems, there are cases when it is best for the dentist to perform a tooth extraction to solve the problem.

What Does Dental Extraction Surgery Consist Of?

A dentist who has determined that a tooth is too infected or too damaged to remain in place will often recommend a tooth extraction. This routine surgery consists of the dentist detaching the tooth from the periodontal ligaments that keep it connected to the jawbone. While a tooth removal may sound drastic, it will lead to a better outcome for your overall dental health.

When is It Necessary to Have a Tooth Pulled?

Teeth extractions are recommended under a variety of circumstances. These reasons include:

Broken or Cracked Teeth

If you’ve ever broken or cracked a tooth, you know that it’s no laughing matter. It can be painful and make you feel self conscious about your smile until you get it fixed. Dentists can usually fix a broken or cracked tooth with a crown. If you have a more severe injury, the dentist may recommend that the tooth be pulled.

Severe Cavities

Frequent brushing and flossing can help to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when plaque builds up on the teeth after you have been eating or drinking. If the plaque keeps building up, it will attack your tooth and cause cavities to form. Dentists generally treat cavities with fillings or crowns. However, cavities that have not received treatment may lead to a dental extraction.

Advanced Gum Disease

Did you know that plaque causes infections in your gums? This infection is generally known as periodontal or gum disease. Severe cases of periodontal disease cause the gum tissue to separate away from the teeth. This loosens the teeth and puts you at risk for tooth loss. Our dentist will usually recommend an extraction in cases where the patient is in the advanced stages of gum disease.

Baby Teeth Refuse to Fall Out

If your child has had a loose tooth for a while and you are worried that the permanent tooth may be trapped underneath it, give us a call. Our dentist can perform a tooth extraction so that your child’s adult tooth can grow in like it is supposed to.

Crowded teeth

Getting braces is another common reason behind getting a tooth pulled. Many patients suffer from overcrowding of the teeth. This issue can cause them to feel self-conscious. It can also lead to the teeth growing in out of alignment. Before braces or other orthodontic treatments are pursued, the dentist may want to pull teeth to make room for the teeth to properly align.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many young adults go through the experience of having to have a wisdom tooth pulled. This happens due to not having enough room in the jawbone for the wisdom teeth to properly grow in. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, call our office today. If your case is a more complicated one, we can give you a referral to an experienced oral surgeon.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Many people looking for a tooth extraction in Tampa are concerned about the cost of the procedure. You can speak with our team members to determine what the exact cost of your bill will be. Your dental insurance plan may cover part or all of your procedure. We also offer discount plans and financing arrangements to help you afford the cost of necessary dental care.

What Will I Need to Do for Dental Extraction Aftercare?

You will be able to go home shortly after your procedure. The dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions that will help you to heal properly. This will include a special diet and avoiding certain actions that could open up the site of your extraction. You will be offered a prescription for pain medication.

How Long Does Tooth Extraction Healing Take?

The amount of time that it takes you to heal will depend on how simple your surgery was. Many patients are up within one or two days of the extraction procedure.

Get in Touch with Us Today to Take Care of Your Teeth

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with us, you will come in and have an x-ray done of your mouth. After that, the dentist will have a look at your teeth. Depending on the condition of your teeth, he or she will make treatment recommendations. Get your mouth feeling great again by calling us to schedule an appointment.

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