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At our practice, we believe that no person should suffer embarrassment or discomfort due to missing teeth. That’s why we offer a host of affordable quality dentures that can bring back your smile’s vividness.

What Is It Like When You Get Dentures?

Restoring your smile’s radiance with dentures in Tampa takes place over multiple steps. During an initial appointment, one of our dentists will inspect your teeth and gums and decide whether treatment with a denture is right for you. If so, he or she may record measurements or generate impressions of your bite. This information is used to craft your new dental appliance. Many patients will also require preliminary procedures like implant surgery or tooth extractions, depending on the variety of device chosen. A temporary denture can be used while your mouth recovers. Once your final appliance has arrived, your dentist will ensure the denture fits and functions properly.

What Options for Dentures Are Available?

Our dentists are committed to helping you find the type of denture that meets your needs. To learn more about the following affordable quality dentures, please call our office during regular business hours.

Full or Partial Dentures

Even if you are missing most of your teeth, restoring your smile is possible with a full denture. These appliances can replace each tooth in the upper or lower jaw, or both. Full dentures can be removable or fixed in place, depending on your needs and preferences. Tooth extractions may be necessary if you choose a full denture.

Partial dentures can be used when one or more natural teeth are present in the jaw. They attach to the supportive teeth similarly to a bridge and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Flexible Partial Denture

A flexible partial allows you to replace a small area of teeth without the use of metal. Instead, flexible partials are created using bendable thermoplastic materials that conform to the shape of your jaw. Their gum-colored clasps allow them to remain discreet when worn.

Implant-Supported Denture

If you are looking for a convenient and mess-free way to restore your smile, consider an implant-supported denture. These appliances offer the wearer a secure, confident hold and can be removable or fixed. Before receiving an implant-supported denture, your dentist will insert two to four dental implants into the jaw. In most cases, this type of denture is recommended as lower dentures.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Dentures?

Like most customized restorative dentistry options, the dentures cost varies depending on the patient’s needs. The style of denture used and the number of preliminary procedures needed will factor into your total charges. When you visit our office, one of our dentists will explain your treatment plan and answer any questions you have about pricing or payment.

What Is a Denture?

Dentures in Tampa are personalized dental appliances that can replace missing or heavily damaged teeth. A traditional full denture typically consists of a flesh-colored acrylic base that rests along the gums; however, several non-traditional options are available. To learn more about the benefits of denture wear, please call our office.

What Is a Soft Denture Reline?

When you wear dentures, it’s not uncommon to develop sore spots around the gums or other areas of the mouth. Fortunately, soft relines from our office can help relieve your pain. This cost-effective treatment involves resurfacing your dentures with a flexible, soft material that remains comfortable for approximately two years.

What Happens During an All-on-Four Dentures Procedure?

The All-on-Four dentures procedure is a state-of-the-art method of replacing missing or damaged teeth. During this procedure, the pontic teeth and surrounding tissue are attached to four implants in the bottom jaw. With an All-on-Four denture, you’ll experience enhanced chewing power and maximum stability. Get in touch with our office to learn more about this convenient denture option.

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