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When you’re suffering from tooth loss, it can greatly affect your appearance and confidence. If you’re ready to restore your smile and jaw function, visit our office to learn more about our affordable quality dentures.

What Should You Expect When Getting Dentures?

Making the decision to get dentures in Winter Haven can be a great investment in your oral health and confidence. In most cases, the process for obtaining dentures involves many steps. First, you’ll receive a full assessment from one of our dentists, where he or she will evaluate your teeth and decide whether dentures are right for you. The dentist may take impressions of your smile, which are used by the laboratory to process your new appliance. Depending on what style of denture is chosen, you may require a tooth extraction or dental implant surgery. While your gums recover, a temporary denture can be worn until your permanent appliance arrives.

What Are the Different Kinds of Dentures?

If you are searching for affordable quality dentures, look no further than our office. Contact us today to find out more about the following denture options:

Full and Partial Dentures

Those who are suffering from extensive tooth damage or multiple missing teeth may be good candidates for a full denture. When you receive a full denture, all remaining teeth are extracted to make room for the new appliance. Full dentures can be held in place using adhesive or attached with dental implants. Your dentist will determine whether or not a full denture is best for you.

A partial denture functions similarly to a bridge, replacing a smaller area of missing teeth. To receive a partial, you must have at least two healthy teeth in the upper or lower jaw to support the denture. Partials are attached to the teeth using clasps and can be removed easily.

Flexible Partials

Crafted using pliable thermoplastic materials, flexible partials are a comfortable alternative to traditional partial dentures. They include gum-colored clasps, making them unnoticeable when worn. You’ll be able to smile and speak with confidence knowing that your denture is discreet.

Implant-Supported Denture

If you are missing teeth but still have sufficient jawbone, your dentist may suggest an implant-supported denture. With this type of denture, the artificial teeth and tissue are affixed to the mouth using one or more pairs of implants. Because of the stability of an implant-supported device, dentists often recommend them for the lower jaw.

What Do Dentures Cost?

Each denture is fully personalized to meet the needs of the patient; therefore, the cost of dentures in Winter Haven will vary. Usually, the required dental preparatory work, the materials used to create the appliance, and the kind of denture you receive will determine your charges. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and payment.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures serve as a fully functioning replacement for missing or heavily diseased teeth. They typically include a gum-colored acrylic base with a row of pontic teeth attached. Our high-quality dentures are available in multiple styles to accommodate your needs. If you’re ready to create a brand-new smile, call us now to get started.

What Is a Soft Denture Reline?

Over time, daily denture wear can cause sore spots to appear on the gums. When this happens, visit our office for a soft reline. During this straightforward procedure, the dentist adds a pliable lining to the bottom of your appliance. This reduces friction, allowing you to wear your appliance with ease.

What Is the All-On-Four® Denture Technique?

For a unique approach to denture implants, consider the All-on-Four dentures procedure. With an All-on-Four denture, your artificial teeth and surrounding tissue are attached to four implants in the bottom jaw. You’ll receive the convenience of fixed appliance along with stronger chewing power. Learn more about this modern procedure by giving us a call.

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